Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Director’s Cut

Five out of five stars.

You can probably guess that CE3K is one of my favourite movies.

So a visit to the BFI to view a new,  though certainly not flawless, 35mm print was pretty much mandatory.

Watching Spielberg’s classic never fails for me. Sure, it has some narrative imperfections, but the movies builds through a combination of brilliant direction, great cinematography, extraordinary special effects and John William’s outstanding score to an emotional crescendo.

The last 20 minutes is like an embrace, full of optimism and hope.

It gets me every time.

Films become favourites for a variety of reasons.  So indulge me. I’m 14 years of age again and it’s my dear friend Ian’s birthday trip to the cinema. But the picturehouse is the majestic Odeon Leicester Square and it’s Close Encounters on its first release. Wow, Mr Spielberg I was in awe and your film captured my heart.

And I was forever changed.

I became a movie buff.

A final aside. Back in the day, there was no VHS, let alone DVD or Blu ray. Cinema came and went. Sometimes recaptured on a TV showing.

Or for me through John William’s wonderful soundtrack album. Blimey how many times did I play the final Close Encounters suite. Wishing upon a star.

I was not alone.

I’ll leave you with the 45′” disco version of the classic theme, by Mr Williams himself.

In the meantime, Watch the Skies.


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