The Jungle Book

4 out of 5 stars

Jumping in late on The Jungle Book bandwagon, there is little need for me to sing the same praises as many others have already done. The film is technically impressive, the rendering on screen of realistic animals that talk, together with the sumptuously detailed background work, places it on top of the list of contenders for the Oscar for special effects this year. Neel Sethi’s debut, despite a shaky start, is likeable and naturalistic and he finds and convincingly owns his Mowgli as the film progresses. The casting is inspired: from the split second Lost in Translation reunion to the ubiquitous Idris Elba doing the umpteenth animal voice this year to Christopher Walken!! It would seem a folly when this remake was first proposed but both its box office and the critical acclaim have only gone to prove that Jon Favreau has got it and manages to find that fine balance between art and technology; and between respect (and nostalgia) for the old film and finding a relevant place for the new one. Now whether we need yet another version coming up in 2018 with Andy Serkis is another question…


2 thoughts on “The Jungle Book

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