Sunset Boulevard – at the London Coliseum

Four and a half out of five stars.

I saw ‘Sunset Boulevard’ back in its original run at the Adelphi with Elaine Paige as Norma Desmond; my family went with low expectations and ended up standing with the rest of the audience by the finish. So  I have always had a real affection for this show.

And here it is back for a limited run at the London Coliseum  in  a semi-staged production, with the ENO’s orchestra literally centre stage  amongst a  network of staircases.

And blimey that orchestra really delivers when it comes to one of ALW’s most sumptuous scores. Supporting cast and all performances are top-notch with stand out turns from Michael Xavier as Joe and Fred Johansen as Max.

And then there is the ‘greatest star of all’, Glenn Close reprising her Tony-award winning role. Glorious.

I saw this show over 20 years ago, but to be honest, it’s ” As If We Never Said Goodbye”




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