Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (70mm)

2.5 out of 5 stars

Feeling more obligated than curious, though probably it’s a bit of both, expectations were managed going in to watch this unsurprisingly loud and messy film. To be fair, the film starts promisingly in establishing both the new Dark(er) Knight and the motivations why each side has his own suspicions and reservations about the other. In general, Superhero films are only as good as their villains – for without a decent adversary, the narrative cannot rise above the silliness and/or the film becomes dull. Unfortunately for BvS, Lex Luthor is badly written, bordering on nonsensical when it comes to motivations and Jesse Eisenberg can channel as many maniacal Zuckerbergs as he wants but his portrayal here is toothless and nonthreatening, therefore fails to create any genuine tension or drama. Admittedly that titular fight is what the audience came for and, like the other action sequences in this film, they are effectively staged to give the audience enough bangs for their bucks but the reason why that fight happens, without going into spoilers, is just lame and the resolution, even lamer. When a 2.5hrs long film feels the need to add on an extra climax, another mega destroy everything in sight spectacle afterwards, I suspect that it has lost the plot. There’s the occasional quip or witty line which raises a smile or two, but there simply wasn’t enough fun to keep the audience onside. So the film is left with only the grim drama elements which are not that coherent and well written in the first place. Buckling under that weight, the film ends up a solemn and joyless affair.


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