Theo et Hugo dans le Meme Bateau

3 out of 5 stars

Whether you call it a gay Before Sunrise or a more sexually explicit Weekend, the thing I find most welcoming about this French addition to the talkie romance genre is that, instead of an over-sentimentalized version that is often depicted on screen, this one realistically reflects a gay scene that many people would recognize. That is not to say this isn’t a romantic film, for it is very much so at its heart. However, I dare you to find another meet-cute as downright pornographic as the one that takes place in this film: in an orgy in a Parisian gay nude bar. And there’s anything wrong about that. The rest of the film, played mostly in real time, can feel unfocused and mundane, with lurches into social-economic detours that could have been incorporated less awkwardly and more seamlessly. The sometimes uneven acting doesn’t always sell the quick change in moods and topics too well either but ultimately it is a sweet and real (and really sexually explicit) romantic drama for the modern gay era.


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