2.5 out of 5 stars

This film takes a refreshingly matter-of-fact approach to the main characters’ (homo)sexuality – which makes a nice contrast to the other film in my Sunday double bill: Some of My Best Friends Are… from 1971. While the total absence of any prejudice or homophobia in a film set in Ohio, USA, even today, might seem a tad idealistic, it is commendable and makes for a promising start. So instead of the usual coming out drama, it is a past tragedy, revealed very early on, that the families of our young star-crossed male lovers have to come to terms with. The script manages to ground character and narrative development initially but then gets a bit soapy and ends predictably and tidily, losing some of its dramatic impact as a result. The leads are charming and the supporting cast are fine too but it is ultimately no more than a nice little niche film or if one is less kind, a special episode of Hollyoaks.



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