The VVitch

2.5 out of 5 stars

Thin on story and thick on atmospheric dread and foreboding, it is a great calling card for debut director-writer, Robert Eggers, for his economic and effective use of audio and visuals on a miniscule budget to achieve this. However the film is also low on scares and high on uneasy anxieties even though it was sold as a horror film. Well acted by the ensemble in authentic dialogue spoken in Ye Olde English tongue that can sometimes get in the way of expositions; but more problematic is the narrative decision to play the reveal far too early, taking the uncertainty/mystery element out of the film, something the thin story I mentioned before could really use, and lessens the impact the ending could have had. If you like films such as The Crucible, this would appeal more to you (and is probably worth 3.5 stars) but I’m less impressed and feel that it just isn’t my cup of tea.


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