Secret In Their Eyes

2.5 out of 5 stars

Unnecessary no doubt, but going in with little memory of the original which I’ve seen and love, I also have to confess that this version isn’t a terrible film. With a little reminder from imdb, I wasn’t surprised that they Americanized it with sentimentality and a superfluous addendum to the original ending – an ending so great it can justify the existence of both films. To be fair, these changes are totally in sync with what a Hollywood remake would do, so there’s really no need to be so incensed that one fails to notice how they managed to dowdify Julia Roberts, who’s pretty good in what is really an extended cameo and Chiwetel Ejiofor dumbing down to play the most incompetent detective in a thriller. What is a pity is the film now looks like a glamourous episode of CSI and that is more unforgiveable.


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