The Oscars – thoughts from the Bazza side

So the Subtitled Friends gathered to watch the annual Oscar- fest “as live”and spoiler free  on Monday evening in London. Thanks to DerSmullen and PatronWong for hosting!

Here are some of my random thoughts:

Spoiler free viewing is a tough call. I now have a little more sympathy for football fans trying to avoid the results till they make it home. In a world of constant media onslaught this one is a toughie.

Diversity is no longer just that dance group who beat Susan Boyle in “Britain’s Got Talent.”
More seriously please check out the interview with the Coen Brothers on the latest Kermode and Mayo podcast.  A lot of sense said there.

Best Song If you are one of the songs NOT invited to be sung at the ceremony have you already guessed that the “Writing’s on the Wall”?

Oh and Sam Smith. Enough. Eat a pie.

Mark Rylance Whoopee! Hurrah! A great shout aloud cheery moment.

Bag Lady Every award’s ceremony should have one –  well done Jenny Beavan!

Ennio Morricone A great result  – but also a reminder that the Oscars are really just a bit of fluff. Time will judge what is of merit and what will last. It’s hard to believe that not one of his previous individual film scores had ever won an Oscar. Crazy.

Autocue Perhaps from now on we should judge great actors by their ability to read the Autocue convincingly. In which case the Oscars go to …..

JK Simmons and Cate Blanchett!

Spotlight  Was this car “Crash” TV? Certainly a surprise for Best Film and of course a good movie. But I’d say it was a “worthy” winner as opposed to being a really worthy winner.

See you next year at the Oscars!



One thought on “The Oscars – thoughts from the Bazza side

  1. I couldnt have said it better. See you next year, matey. Might have to order more Spicy Aubergine next time though. That’s the winner of the night, I reckon!


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