3.5 out of 5 stars

Postmodern and self-aware to great comical effect, the film is at its most entertaining and fresh when it doesn’t take itself very seriously. Additional profanity and gratuitous violence gives the film a hip look and it wears that R/15 rating like a badge of honour. A passion project for both the star and the writers/director and their enthusiasm shows, transferring many of the unique elements that work in the comics to the big screen. Intercutting the origins story with one single OTT action sequence is narratively smart and effective, not to mention cool to look at and Ryan Reynolds is a charismatic hero as well as a wise-cracking clown, in other words, a great fit for his character. (The CGI-ed Colossus sticks out in a bad way though still more animated than Vinnie Jones’ previous incarnation.) However, the film was unable to escape the eventuality, within the Hollywood framework in which it was made, of falling back into a more conventional narrative setup by the last act but the ride there was fun and the insults and one-liners are immensely quotable. Juvenile but immensely agreeable to my sense of humour; it will be in the inevitable sequel that we will see how far they are willing to go to break new grounds and taboos untouched previously by the superhero genre.


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