3.5 out of 5 stars

Another issue orientated Oscar contender with a great ensemble cast (interestingly, the less famous faces playing the victims are more touching and authentic than original Batman and Hulk (2012- ) – though what Rachel McAdams did to get nominated is a headscratcher to me), but with the subject matter being the sex abuse scandal and the decades long cover-up by the Catholic Church, this is a much more serious film, sincerely made though never over-sentimentalize or over-glorifies the journalistic pursuit for the truth. At times, the film is so plain and matter-of-fact, in its attempt to reflect what happens in reality as opposed to giving it the Hollywood treatment in the name of entertainment, it can come across as a little flat. But this thankfully doesn’t detract from the power of the film and the underplayed finale only serves to provide not just a satisfying ending but also underline the fact that there are no winners here, only victims who need their stories told.


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