Straight Outta Compton

2.5 out of 5 stars (In-Flight movie #1)

Not being a connoisseur of Rap music, the rags to riches story of five young men from Compton, CA from their (small time) gangster beginnings to being respected and lauded pioneers in their field does not hold that much appeal to me. But strong reviews and the controversial Oscar snub towards the film made me curious enough to take a look. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that impressed. Perhaps the heavily accented lingo is a hindrance but the film itself seems fairly conventionally structured and written to me. There is little depth or nuance in the superficial script that is wide in its coverage but doesn’t do more than name-checking events; although the performances are admittedly strong from the main actors. Add another star to my rating if you get excited seeing versions of Tupac or Snoop gliding in and out of scenes at random.


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