My Worst Films of 2015

Of course, there have also been disappointments and redundant reboots/sequels. Two of the worst culprits earning 2 stars and ½ star respectively, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Horrible Bosses 2, I saw in-flight and so I was told are technically ineligible for this list. Nevertheless, they are 2 truly awful monstrosities that I hope you will never encounter. Swipe Left for sure if you see it on your Netflix queue. Unless you are really undemanding or masochistic.

From the films that I actually have to pay to see, here are the 5 most shameful waste of time.

My Worst 5 List of 2015 are thus:


Never has Wolverine and Ripley been so elegantly wasted or misused. Dev Patel is in it, nuff said. 

From Afar (Desde Alla)

Slow, disjointed and incoherent with an ending that is baffling, frustrating and probably just simply nonsense.

El Apostata

Crazily incoherent existential European arthouse surreal rom-com that went nowhere. A waste of everyone’s time.

Terminator: Genisys

Clumsy and misguided sequel that made no sense by the end. Jai Courtney is in this, need I say more?

A Walk in the Woods

Muddled writing as uninspiring as the pedestrian directing. A meandering film that got lost in the said woods.


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