My Top 10 Favourite Films of 2015

In a rather lacklustre year, cinematically, where my highest ratings went to 2 films that I’ve already seen before: Whiplash and Blade Runner (The Director’s Cut) respectively, both earning the 5 stars thumbs-up, it has not been difficult to figure out the following list. Some choices will be controversial (but I assure you not deliberately so) while others are more popular.

I saw 95 films  (and another 7 inflight), and these are my picks for my Top 10 Favourites. Remember, it is not based on pure merit or quality that I consider them the best films made this year. These are MY favourites of 2015 – ones that I have enjoyed most. So, in order of when I saw them this year…


Mad Max: Fury Road

A fresh intriguing reboot that is relentlessly paced, it is pure high octane entertainment with a simple but effective narrative.

Slow West

A gutsy and remarkable debut that surprises and redeems itself violently and unsentimentally in the last 30 mins.

Inside Out

A truly original, intelligent and moving film which also happens to be a very funny and entertaining (and the best) animated feature of the year – hands down.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

A realistic and uncontrived look at growing up, a moving and intelligent film for everyone to enjoy – not just cinephiles.

Land of Mine

Assured and confident – a sombre yet humanizing and unbelievably intense film that left me quaking in my seat.


Part tense thriller and part PTSD the movie but an emotional rollercoaster of a film told from a refreshing POV of the child.

The Lobster

Surreal, wildly imaginative, genre-defying film exploring both concepts of love and loneliness. A totally original cinematic experience.

Taxi Tehran

Portmanteau of stories and discourses cleverly structured into a captivating and humorous film that provides a poignant and insightful commentary on the society in which it was set in.

Steve Jobs

Cleverly written and brilliantly executed by people both in front and behind the scene, turning the dullest of corporate dealings into exciting and riveting action sequences.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Finely balanced, technically flawless and a worthy entry, if not the best, of the franchise. A 2hrs plus thrill ride that never stop or falter – pure unadulterated entertainment.


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