Mr. Robot (Season 1)

4.5 out of 5 stars

Combining 70s conspiracy theories films with modern day Hacker Drama, this stylish and wonderfully written show is one of the most original TV you’ll see in 2015 and if you are one of those people who still haven’t seen it, I would recommend you go binge at once.

If you need further convincing let me just say: the writing is exceptionally good; it keeps you guessing while maintaining suspense with a highly stylized direction and a pulsating and disorientating soundtrack that fits the tone and feel of the show down to a tee. The acting is superb: Rami Malek is perfectly cast as the drug using anti-hero/unreliable narrator and even Christian Slater, who is famous for killing TV shows in the last few years, is used to great effect here. There are also weird diversions, both psychological and sexual, which will make you fall off your seat  – something you don’t often see on major mainstream US TV. I do not want to say too much, suffice to say: the less you know going in, the more you will enjoy it.

My only reservation is how far they can take its audience down this rabbit hole without it becoming contrived and whether they can sustain the momentum season 1 created once the big reveal was made. But having seen the crazy and crazily brave finale for this season, I have a lot of confidence that this could be an amazing ride going forward. So trust me. Or not. It’s your call. But if you don’t watch this, you’ll regret it.


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