Star Wars (1977)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away  it wasn’t A New Hope or Episode IV A New Hope. Or even Episode IV A New Hope (Special Edition)!

It was just plain old “Star Wars”.

And it was 1977. And I, an excited 13 year old was queuing up in a long line to get in to see the latest box office sensation at the Odeon Bromley.

(Blimey I remember those lines for films back in the day. No booking on-line and no guarantee of even getting in!)

Like most of us, I was enthralled by the magical story, incredible effects and wonderful music score.

As a die- hard Doctor Who fan I had to admit it was pretty darn good.

Happy memories of a landmark movie. Happy memories of being young.

I suspect, for many of us,  we’re hoping JJ and the folks at Disney will rekindle and recreate that magic. It would be a great cinematic Christmas present.

May the force be with you.



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