The Danish Girl – Trailer

Yesterday, I saw the new trailer for The Danish Girl, the new film with Eddie Redmayne.

From the trailer, I gathered that it is about a pretty male Danish painter who marries a female one. One day, he models for her by dressing up as a woman and he likes it. A lot. She gains success and they keep doing this until he goes to a party as a she and ends up kissing another guy. She sees that but sticks by him. They seek help from a doctor who diagnosed his condition and gives him a gender changing operation. The end.

I would’ve liked to see the film but if that’s the whole of it, then what’s the point??

Trailers are an artform and I believe that anything in the first act/first third of the film is fair game for the trailer. Otherwise, who would buy your goods when you have given it away in under 2.5 minutes?

See for yourself. Or not, if you actually want to see the film itself.

Grade: F



3 thoughts on “The Danish Girl – Trailer

  1. And now Patron Wong the great trailer debate begins.

    You are right – so often now the trailer doesn’t just tease the cinema goer, it shows you every plot and beat right up to the last few minutes of the movie.

    So on the one hand we have The Force Awakens teasing us with characters and moments whilst on the other hand Terminator Genisys shows all its cards including its central plot twist.

    Is it a lack of confidence by the studio or director?
    Do some folks only see a film if they know exactly what they are getting before they buy their ticket?

    So what do we do?

    Follow the advice of Der Smullen and put our fingers in our ears and close our eyes.

    Maybe it’s the only way….


  2. Thanks Bazza. Normally I dont mind but this one really got me goat. I know there are people who want to know exactly what they are getting before going to a film. People aversed to surprises and other joys in life I guess. But why do studios do it? That’s why I believe it is a fine art-form as I said: finding that balance between enticing and revealing just enough to intrigue.

    But I refuse to go the Der Smullen way. Yes, there had been disasters like the last Terminator where a major plot twist was revealed – god only knows what possessed the trailer-maker/studio to do that idiotic thing and I am so pleased that the box office proved to be equally disastrous! But I LIKE TRAILERS. They are part of the fun of going to the cinema a little earlier – and not only to grab a good centre-back seat! Trailers whet one’s appetite and create excitement for something to come. And occasionally, you might even see something that you weren’t going to see but looks good from the trailer.

    Thankfully trailers like these (the other culprit that comes to mind is for that Nicole Kidman vehicle: The Interpretor – which also bombed – so there!) are not too frequent but the trend is on the raise I fear and studios are losing confidence that the film itself is good enough to entice you and me to go see it.

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