Too Much TV – Part 2

The State of my ever growing TV Planner

(continued from Part 1)

I liked the first season of How To Get Away With Murder (Season 2 Universal/ABC) but the end of episode 1 of the new season gave me pause as it reminds me too much of Damages (the time jumping is getting a bit old hat these days as well) and I am concerned that it will go down the same way as that show.

The Leftovers (Season 2 Sky Atlantic/HBO)‘s title may prove to be prophetic as I now have 3 episodes in my Planner. The pacing is still on the snail side but the first episode’s change of setting and the rehaul they have done with old characters and the introduction of a mysterious new family might work in its favour to technically reboot the show. The writing is still intriguing enough for me to carry on but just need to find the time to binge it. Likewise, there will be 4 episodes of You, Me and the Apocalypse (Season 1 Sky1) in my Planner by now. We saw the first episode and it has potential to be satirical and funny but as the episodes mount up, it is finding the time (and incentive) to get back into it which is the main problem.

There is probably nothing gayer on TV at the moment than American Horror Story Hotel (Season 5 FOX/FX) but Scream Queen (Season 1 E4/FOX) is in my Planner, still unwatched after 2 eps, so maybe I should reserve judgement. While the latter has Jamie Lee Curtis which is promising, the former has Lady Gaga, where the jury is still out as far as her acting abilities are concerned. However, the problem with AMS-H is that historically, it tends to sensationally paint itself into corners, narratively speaking, and not being able to extract and resolve them satisfactorily afterwards from a viewer’s point of view. But so far, at the very least, it looks gorgeously sumptuous and very camp indeed, darling.

At this point, I should point out I am probably the only one amongst my friends who is looking forward to The Affair (Season 2 Sky Atlantic/Showtime). While some were left scratching their heads (or shaking them in contempt) at the end of Season 1, I did not feel as strongly and just assume the story is yet to finish. Season 2 again follows two timelines: one after Noel left Helen for Alison and one after Noel’s arrest at the end of Season 1. But now we also have the 2 additional viewpoints from Helen and Cole which really add a new dimension to the show and yes, it is still slow and has yet to find a ponderous staring shot it doesn’t like, but I am still enjoying it in spite of these flaws.

Finally, we have the 3 DC Comics shows: Flash (Season 2 Sky1/CW) is getting more and more Fringe-y and so much better and more fun for that. Arrow (Season 4 Sky1/CW) is comparatively more dour and serious even though they tried to lighten it up (not sure how successfully) but it is the supernatural elements that is making it watchable. I must say the jury is still out on Supergirl (Season 1 Sky1/CBS). It is hard to judge on the basis of one episode (although DerSmullen has already pulled his Debra Meaden face and proclaimed he’s out) but it has done some things right – speeding through the back stories and inspired casting which certainly has potential – but overall it still feels too safe and conventional to invoke too much enthusiasm right now, let alone devotion in my TV planner.

And that’s the state of my TV Planner for now. Right, I need to go. I’ve got a double episode of The Blacklist cued up on my telly…


4 thoughts on “Too Much TV – Part 2

  1. Great column Patron and reflects the demands on our TV viewing time nowadays.

    The question I ask is how much LIVE TV does anyone watch now?

    For me I create my own schedule based on:

    Catch Up TV (Especially I -player)
    NOW TV (Internet SKY)

    So any talk of overnight viewing figures as a measure of a show’s popularity is meaningless. I mean- as you know – my favourite show is Doctor Who. I never watch it live! Overnights are down for this apparently – but hey – in today’s world I may record the whole show and binge watch it in 3 month’s time!

    Too much TV!!


  2. Fantastic summary Patron which will help me focus my viewing (I didn’t know The Leftovers was back on our screens).

    How our viewing habits have changed. Coincidentally, the word of the year is ‘binge watching’, reflecting these changes!

    Traumatised after watching the ‘death of a major character’ in Walking Dead S6 E3 last night!!


  3. Thank you for your appreciation, Geekette, and also for the title of my occasional rant.

    I didnt know you watched The Leftovers. I hope you find the new reboot as intriguing as I did. As for The Walking Dead, I am still waiting to see if they will see it through or not on THAT death. Time will tell but it certainly is causing controversy!

    So, no deal on The Affair still?? (Cheeky Grin)


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