Too Much TV – Part 1

How one viewer is coping with the new seasons of TV shows this Autumn

I love watching TV as much as I love going to the Cinema but reviewing TV episodes is a huge commitment; and even if I do it by season, it would be equally daunting, as quoting a dear friend of mine (you know who you are, Geekette) there is simply TOO MUCH TV out there with so many channels and platforms to choose from. But occasionally, I think I could write about what’s been occupying my SKY+ box: what I can’t wait to watch promptly every week and what is left lingering in the dark recesses of my Planner, awaiting the ultimate decision to Un-Series Link or Delete.

(Let’s take a moment to remember those who have fallen: The Strain, Da Vinci’s Demons, CSI:Cyber, Under the Dome, Tyrant – to name but a few.)

At the moment, I cannot live without my weekly The Walking Dead (Season 6 FOX UK/AMC) fix. 4 episodes in and the cast, just like its viewers, are left battered and bruised after the violence has taken a hold on our main characters (and the Alexandrian redcoats – that is redcoats according to Star Trek). I’m totally gripped and cannot wait to see what new horrors the next episode will bring. I just hope they have the guts (pun intended) to see through some of the more difficult choices they have made – and you know what I’m talking about if you have seen episode 3 this season. Fear the Walking Dead (which I saw all 6 episodes) is just a poor and frustrating imitation, I fear.

Coming a very close second is Fargo (Season 2 CH4/FX) which is cinematic visually and written so cleverly and intriguingly that I cannot sing its praises enough. Throwing the mic down at True Detective Season 2 which I was never that big a fan in the first place. I strongly recommend you to check Fargo out – you dont have to have watched Season 1 to watch Season 2 either, so that helps (I’m talking to you, Bazza.)

On the other hand, Empire (Season 2 E4/Fox) with its increasingly outrageous and ridiculous narrative (the lunacy there now bordering on Revenge-level) which makes it unnecessary to follow too closely and the final season of Downtown Abbey (Season 6 ITV/PBS) with its slow pacing are both excellent for multitasking – meaning I can half watch them while I email or do chores. I dont think I will miss Downton that much when it is gone.

Anyway, Sunday nights are busy now that Homeland (Season 5 Ch4/Showtime) is back and, on the basis of the first 2 episodes I have seen, it is promisingly heading in the right direction. Just hope that they don’t regurgitate too many old plot lines and devices (no more with the pills and messing her medication around, please, writers – oops, just saw ep.3 Dammit!) And with The Americans (Season 3 ITV Encore/FX) almost finishing with 2 more episodes to go – a good slow burning series that I am glad to have stuck with, I would need my weekly espionage fix from Homeland.

(to be continued)


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