4 out of 5 stars

A 5 minute glorious tracking shot  through Mexico City opens the latest Bond outing with great confidence and swagger.
It’s like a declaration of intent. There’s real style in this grand and overblown 24th Bond outing.

And in the main part it succeeds.

But it’s not Skyfall. And that’s fair enough. That’s a rarity – and a unique 50th anniversary  event – but Spectre comes so close and only really falters in the last stages of the film.

So don’t worry my fellow Bond fan. Long gone are the days of Safari suits or dare I say it Invisible Cars – here we are in the hands of the craftsmen. Glorious cinematography,  scenes which take their time and allow the film to breath, action sequences that will have you on the edge of your seat.

And Daniel Craig. Extraordinary – a brilliant actor, a fabulous Bond.

And yes the film moves closer to the tropes of classic sixties Bond than it has in years – deliberately I’d say – and plot wise frays at the edges on post movie examination.
But after much deliberation, I have decided to forgive the failings, a few of which have been touched on by Patron in his review.
This may not be an All Time High, but Nobody really Does this Better.

Some say the writing’s on the wall for Daniel Craig. This movie does appear to wrap up the last ten years. But I’ve been a Bond fan long enough to suspect by the movies’ ending that DC as James Bond will return On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


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