4 out of 5 stars

Bond by the numbers. Exotic locations … tick. Car chases … tick. Wham bam explosions … tick. Dastardly villain with a white puddy cat … tick. With a Martini and a girl … or two … or three thrown … tick, tick.

But a hugely entertaining film with an astonishing opening tracking shot that had this geekette open-mouthed with wonder. Add in some great performances, including DC who has grown into the role – and into those Tom Ford suits – so well, and first-rate cinematography and the 2 hours 20 mins just flew by … just like Q’s super-car!


One thought on “Spectre

  1. There’s so many ticks, I thought maybe it is a time bomb! But seriously, I did enjoy the film while I was watching it. It was only after I got home and the euphoria died down that I felt the film was more flawed than I originally thought. Especially when it seems so obvious that Sam Mendes aspired to make something more than just another formulaic Bond film. OK. Guess we have Bonded, now onto Star Wars next then.


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