3.5 out of 5 stars

Does the story still matter in Daniel Craig’s loud and euphoric 4th outing? Fans will lap it up regardless of its originality (truth be known, the script is mostly recycled from older Bond films) and others will be too distracted and/or mesmerized by the pyrotechnics or the action stunt work, both of which are finely executed though not exactly ground breaking. Craig and Ralph Fiennes are both dependably good and Q got more to do this time at the expense of Moneypenny. Andrew Scott should stop playing shifty character fighting gravity after this but it’s the Bond ladies who are particularly disappointing and underwritten. Sam Mendes delivers competently 150 mins of pure adrenalin and entertainment but between the underwhelming romance (Lea Seydoux’s Dr Snow is a poor man’s Vesper Lynd) and the birth of a major character (worst kept secret since Into Darkness and not half as poignant as the death of M), the film aims for resonance and depth but where Skyfall made it in spectacular fashion, Spectre sadly falls short.


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