Sense8 – Season One Review

Three and a half stars out of five.

Sense8 is a 12 episode drama created by the Wachowskis  (The Matrix) and  J Michael Straczynski. (Babylon 5), which debuted on Netflix in June 2015.

Designed for binge watching, its premise is that 8 individuals suddenly find they are telepathically connected forming the Sense8  – even though physically they live in different geographic locations.

This makes the premise of the series sound  a little more sci fi than it turns out. It’s very much a portmanteau structure as we explore the individual stories of each of the main protagonists – but the underlying  premise allows each of them to step into of the lives and – at appropriate times – bodies of  other members of the collective consciousness.

This can be tremendous fun – especially when you are calling on the fighting skills of one of the other members of the ‘team’ to get you out of a sticky situation!  And dramatic  – as the different cast members interact with each other – and even become emotionally involved.

Sense8 shares cast members with ‘Lost’ (Naveen Andrews) and the Wachowski’s own ‘ Cloud Atlas’ (Bae Doona) and  if you are a fan of either show or film, I think you’ll enjoy ‘Sense8’. You can see the Wachowskis enjoying the freedoms of a multi-layered narrative on a truly global scale. The production values are really up there on the small screen  – it looks great.

Perhaps the final episode is a little under-cooked  – as is some of the acting along the way – but there is plenty of scope for more developments in Series Two.

I’ll be watching.


One thought on “Sense8 – Season One Review

  1. Finally got round to finishing this Netflix show and I agree mostly with what you say, Bazza. It is an interesting and original way to do a show interweaving the various dramatic and/or comedic strands together, often to great effect. It is a logical step from Cloud Atlas (and maybe even Lost – though less so I reckon) and it has a nice cast that has potential. I certainly will, like your good self, be watching Season 2 when it comes on and see what strange and weird ideas the Wachowskis will concoct up next. I agree 3.5 stars for me too.


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