The Martian

4 out of 5 stars

Matt Damon is Robinson Crusoe on Mars. Ridley Scott is on form with this well-crafted, visually stunning movie. A strong, charismatic central performance from Mr D who must be a shoe-in for an Oscar nod. This geekette had a tear in her little eye at the film’s finale.


3 thoughts on “The Martian

  1. I’m really glad you liked this – as it is a return to form for Ridley and Matt needs a hit that’s not Bourne. Here we have a very likeable film that works on many levels. Don’t forget the great cinematography too!!


  2. A spot on review for one of the films of the year. Entertaining, gripping, a great central performance from Matt.

    And who would have thought that the soundtrack of Mars would be …. DISCO!


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