A Bigger Splash

3 out of 5 stars

Ralph rants and Tilda mimes in this remake of La Piscina, a 1968 French film which was also loosely adapted by Francoise Ozon as Swimming Pool in 2003. An unexpected visit by her ex (Fiennes) and his young daughter disrupted Swinton and her new partner’s (played with extra hunkiness by Matthias Schoenearts) recuperation on the Italian island of Pantalleria –and nudity of both sexes and drama ensue. The film made the best of what the very scenic island had to offer and does amazing PR for local tourism but it is Fiennes’ performance – his fearless energy and gleeful shamelessness -that you’ll remember afterwards. But the film (and head-scratching title) is probably a bit too weird and the genre-crossing too difficult a sell, to give it the audience it deserves.


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