The Lobster

4 out of 5 stars

Set in a world that operates on a different set of rules, norms and morals that would’ve been nonsensical in ours but make perfect sense in theirs, this is a surreal, wildly imaginative and genre-defying film that explores the concepts of love and loneliness; of relationships and partnerships and the basis on which they function and their impact on societal coherence. If you find cinema generally too neat and predictable, then you’ll love the many open endings that’s available to varied interpretations. The film may feel a tad long, losing some momentum towards the last third as you’re not sure if the film knows where, or in fact how, to end it all, but I would still strongly recommend this totally original cinematic experience – just keep an open mind when you do.


4 thoughts on “The Lobster

  1. Agree with your comments Patron. A genre-defying original piece of cinema with a half a star-gaining ending, although, as you point out, a distinct lack of momentum in the last act. Can I just add that I LOVED the darkly comic elements of the movie. A few laugh out loud moments for all three (!) of us in today’s screening.

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    1. Thank you, geekette. And welcome to our humble blog. I’m glad you liked The Lobster as it can be a bit marmite-y. And yes it is hilarious at times. Humour of the very dry and English type indeed.


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