3.5 out of 5 stars

Entertaining, and perhaps even illuminating, newsroom drama based on the 60 Minutes segment investigating George W. Bush’s military record and the subsequent repercussions on the careers of producer, Mary Mapes and her mentor Dan Rather (a famous anchor played by the even more famous and always watchable Robert Redford). Cate Blanchett gives another nuanced Oscar worthy performance as Mapes, tracking her from confident trailblazer to frazzled nervous wreck. There is also great work from the ensemble, particularly Topher Grace and Noni Hazelhurst (who with Blanchett has to deliver the diatribes that outline the film’s viewpoint). Issues of objectivity aside (the film is based on Mapes’ book after all), the film is admirable in its attempt to set the record straight and constructs a slick, passionate and effective argument against accusations made back then.


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