3 out of 5 stars

A violent and dark thriller with some very intense and suspense-filled moments, this is an effective and often powerful film with a political message after the carnage has settled. Emily Blunt’s performance stands out, much in the same way as Jodie Forster’s did in Silence of the Lambs, as she is not only the main character but the only female character in a sea of male testosterone – which makes the decision strange when she was sidelined in the finale confrontation. I suppose that this is illustrative of the film’s insistence on realism and grittiness over contrivances and for that, I do applaud; but as a result, the downbeat and disconnected ending feels less than satisfying but maybe the gender unfairness is one of the many points the film wants to address?


3 thoughts on “Sicario

  1. Patron, I’d agree with you about the disconnected ending. It’s like taking the Sigourney out of the confrontation with the Alien Queen.

    Yet this gritty thriller still worked for me.
    Surely it’s finally time to give Roger Deakins an Oscar for his brilliant cinematography by the way.
    And Emily Blunt just gets better and better.

    It’s an easy Three and a half stars for Bazza. It still might make it to Four….


  2. Glad you liked the film and more than I did even, Baz. I think Patrick (aka DerSmullen) shares more your point of view than mine. I agree Deakins’ photography is excellent (something I forgot to mention) and as always makes the film so much more than your usual run of the mill thriller. However, I just didnt get that big “oomph” in the end that makes me feel I had watched a truly wonderful film.


  3. “disconnected ending feels less than satisfying but maybe the gender unfairness is one of the many points the film wants to address?”

    Agreed. It wants to make a point about the Strong Woman Character we see often these days, but it’s kind of shaky going about it. Regardless, still an impeccable movie production and acting wise, even if there were some weaknesses in plot/character/themes.

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