The Ones Below

2.5 out of 5 stars

A competently shot and made debut about a young mother’s slow descent into madness after giving birth – or is she being targeted by the neighbour downstairs for nefarious reasons? The ensemble are fine, especially the female leads, but David Morrissey seems to think he’s still the Governor in Walking Dead. Between that and a script that overplays its hand too early, the film never manages to kick the dread and suspense up a notch above the level of a comfy Sunday night BBC TV movie. It may have shades of Rosemary’s Baby but it ends up more Tales of the Expected.


One thought on “The Ones Below

  1. A fair review Patron.

    I used to remember that I could usually predict the ‘twist ending’ to those ‘Tales of the Unexpected’; so this film really does fit the bill.

    Cue the Dancing Girls and swirling theme tune.

    Two and a half stars.


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