Anomalisa (LFF 2015 Surprise Film)

2.5 out of 5 stars

The stop-motion film laid its claim early on as an adult feature with a bunch of expletives and later on, some awkward but very graphic puppet sex. The film is technically meticulous and quite brilliantly executed and there are a few humourously observed moments about hotel showers and other mundanities in life. There is one original visual/audio concept that the film used throughout to great effect but narratively, there are a few frustratingly head scratching moments that were never fully explained or even addressed. The story about a man feeling isolated and disassociated with his bland life is just too slow and unengaging for a more mainstream audience. There is a scene at the end of the film when a young boy was given an antique Japanese doll his father bought in a sex toy shop. He was in turn mystified and unenthusiastic and soon lost interests in it and left. Seeing as this is the LFF Surprise Film this year, I totally empathize with that.


2 thoughts on “Anomalisa (LFF 2015 Surprise Film)

  1. Probably the first review I have read with the phrase ‘ graphic puppet sex’.

    I’m not a Charlie Kaufman fan after enduring Synedoche New York.
    But this is a simpler concept with a great vocal performance from David Thewlis.

    The meticulous puppetry is fascinating especially given the more adult nature of the content.

    Ultimately this may have worked better outside of the expectations of a Surprise Film.

    And although it didn’t really connect with me I found it intriguing.

    Three Stars.


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